meli lili pi len loje

In this ambitious project, I wanted to transcribe a book into the three most popular toki pona scripts: The latin alphabet, sitelen sitelen and sitelen pona.

This is something that has never been done before.
And to my knowledge, no book has ever been entirely written in sitelen sitelen either.
I decided that  “The Little Red Riding Hood” from the brothers Grimm would be perfect.
Never would I have imagined how much work would go into this project.
But now, after two years of working on this in my free time, It’s finally finished.

Before transcribing into sitelen sitelen and sitelen pona, I first had to translate the English text into toki pona. I would like to thank jan Kipo, jan Lope and jan Tepan, for helping me on this translation.

Click on the links below to find the PDF of each version:
Click here for the “Latin Alphabet” version
Click here for the “sitelen sitelen” version
Click here for the “sitelen pona” version

Click here for the new “long pi” “sitelen pona” version

If you’re curious, click here to read the original English text.

Of course, all of this is free to read and download.

Click here to download the font used in the sitelen pona version
Click here to download the vectorized glyphs used in the sitelen sitelen version.

For the transcription in sitelen sitelen, I’ve used the help of the sitelen sitelen renderer by Olaf Janssen, it’s a great tool that helps you type in sitelen sitelen.
Please click here to check it out.

If you don’t know about sitelen sitelen, you should visit the website of Jonathan Gabel,
He is the creator of this beautiful script.

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