linja pona

“sitelen pona” is a script for toki pona.

The hieroglyphs were created by Sonja Lang, the creator of toki pona.
I have created a font called linja pona, it means “simple line”.

With linja pona, I wanted to create a standard font that was simple and that could be read easily at different sizes.

The font is currently in it’s third version.

Glyph list of the linja pona font

(Don’t hesitate to click on the picture to see the details) 

To use compound glyphs, put a “hyphen” between two words
exemple: toki-pona
To use cartouches, use square brackets and underscores before each glyph
exemple: ma [_kasi_alasa_nasin_awen_telo_aa] li suli

You can download the new version of the font here

It’s completely free, you can even modify it if you want.

If you have any suggestions for new compound glyphs or anything else,
don’t hesitate to contact me.
Click here to got to the GitHub repo of the linja pona project

Previous versions:
Here are the pictures from the previous versions of linja pona:

You can download the previous versions of the font here:
Version 1 (watch out, in this version the compound glyphs don’t use the same system)
Version 2

I’ve created the linja pona font with the help of jan Wesi’s sitelen pona font.
You can find it here.